250,000 at demonstrations against nuclear power

Demonstrations against nuclear power: A quarter of a million people demonstrated nationwide for an immediate exit from nuclear energy.

Today, around 250,000 people demonstrated in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Berlin for the immediate exit from nuclear energy. All existing nuclear power plants in Germany should be shut down immediately, according to the demonstrators. According to the organizers, 120,000 people demonstrated in Berlin, 40,000 in Cologne, 50,000 in Hamburg and over 40,000 in Munich for this common goal. Speakers in Berlin called on Chancellor Angela Merkel not to "put off nuclear power". “These are the largest anti-nuclear protests in Germany to date. The Federal Government's answer must now be to shut down the nuclear power plants, ”said the organizers, which include organizations such as Attac, trade unions and the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation.

Demonstrators have called for an immediate exit from nuclear power
The motto of the nationwide demonstrations was "Fukushima warns - switch off all nuclear power plants". Several speakers accused Chancellor Merkel of an “irresponsible delay and concealment policy”. With its moratorium on the extension of the nuclear power plant and with the commissions it uses, it evades the decision to immediately phase out the nuclear power plant after the Fukushima accident. The demonstrators now expect the government coalition to remove all nuclear power plants from the grid without “ifs and buts”. Politicians themselves speak of an "energy turnaround", which must now be "vigorously promoted". Finally, the Gau in Fukushima, Japan, makes it clear that nuclear power is not safe and is also very dangerous for people and the environment. "Therefore, the outrage about the current" zigzag course of the federal government on the subject of nuclear energy ".

Warning of federal government campaign maneuvers
The speakers warned the federal government that the moratorium had only been established for the purpose of the election campaign. Last week it became known that the Federal Minister of Economics Rainer Brüderle (FDP), according to information from the Süddeutsche Zeitung, said at a meeting of the board and presidium of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) that the current nuclear policy of the federal government was a pure election campaign maneuver. Brüderle later claimed that his statements were incorrectly cited in the minutes of the BDI meeting. What exactly Brüderle said is still unclear to this day, since the minister himself did not describe what he actually meant. "The Federal Government would be mistaken if it hoped to be able to reassure the population with a moratorium on the extension of the term and the use of commissions," warned speakers at the rallies. Demonstrations will continue until "the last nuclear power plant is switched off". (sb)

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