The number of ticks increases again

More ticks than last year.

(24.05.2010) Although the winter was long and cold, the number of ticks has increased in Brieskow-Finkenheerd, according to the regional institute for tick-borne diseases. Although there are still no precise calculations, initial studies have shown that the number of ticks in the Berlin-Brandenburg region has increased significantly compared to the last time.

Ticks can transmit early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE), which is dangerous for people with dangerous meningitis, and can cause Lyme disease. However, nobody in Berlin / Brandburg suffered from meningitis last year. The number of known Lyme disease in Brandenburg rose slightly in 2012 to 2012 cases. In Berlin, 108 people contracted Lyme disease last year. According to the Robert Koch Institute, there were 313 cases of TBE and 5707 cases of Lyme disease in Germany in 2009.

Lyme disease can be stopped and successfully treated with early antibiotic therapy. There is currently no effective therapy for early summer meningoencephalitis. However, there has been a vaccine for the viral disease for several years. In order to make the "skin contact" more difficult for the tick, long sleeves, trouser legs with closed cuffs and sturdy, closed shoes should be worn, especially in forests. There are other preventive measures against tick bites, also from the naturopathy area. (sb)

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